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Application of vegetable extraction technology -- star anise

Issuing time:2022-08-12 14:24

1. Physical and chemical properties of star anise oil

The star anise seed oil is extracted from star anise plant, which is colorless to yellow liquid and slightly sticky. It has a strong aroma of anise and a natural sweet taste. Solids are formed when the temperature is slightly cold (below 15C). The relative density is 0.978~0.988, the refractive index is 1:553~1.558, the optical rotation temperature is - 2 °~+1 °, and the freezing point is above 15C. At 15.5 ℃, it is completely dissolved in 90% ethanol at a ratio of 1:3, and the content of miaonao is>80%.        In order to maintain the stability of oil quality, it is advisable to pack the star anise oil in a container made of glass or white iron, and store it in a dark warehouse with a temperature of 5~25 ℃ and a relative humidity of no more than 70%. The main component of Illicium verum oil is camphor, which is a mixture of two isomers of trans camphor and cis noodles. Generally, the content of aromatic naphtha in fruit oil is more than that in leaf oil, about 80%~85%, but the content of aromatic naphtha in Juming Bakan leaf oil reaches 95%. The other ingredients are citrin, miao xiang aldehyde, miao xiang ketone gum, methyl carbapene, squalene, tarlene, 1,8-camphor, 3,3-dimethylallyl p-propenyl phenyl ferment.

2. The main use of star anise oil -- star anise plant extract

Illicium verum oil is mainly used in sour wine industry, followed by food addition and toothpaste flavoring. It is widely used in foreign countries to make liqueurs, which can be used in soups, cakes, bread, meat and candy. In addition, it is also used to improve the taste of medicaments and oral protective agents. It can be used for medicine and has the functions of appetizing stomach, lowering qi, warming kidney, relieving cold, relieving pain, sterilizing bacteria and promoting blood circulation. Illicium verum oil can also be used as the main raw material for the synthesis of negative kinosolide acid and anti-cancer drug "Paloxaron".


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