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Application of plant extraction

Issuing time:2022-08-12 11:18

The plant extraction of plant raw materials, including fruits and vegetables, flowers, Chinese herbal medicine, is a technical method that uses modern physical and chemical methods to separate the effective ingredients with high purity without destroying the original effective ingredients. It is a strict, meticulous and complex process involving many aspects of knowledge and technology. Due to the different physical and chemical properties of the separated and purified active ingredients, the separation methods of plant bodies will be different. Even if the active ingredients of the same kind of plant extracts have different raw materials, the methods used will also be different. Therefore, it is impossible to have a unified approach in the industry.

Under normal circumstances, the process of extracting effective ingredients from plant materials can be generally divided into several stages: first, the selection and pretreatment of plant extract raw materials; Second, the crushing of plant raw materials; Third, extract effective ingredients from plant raw materials, first crude products; And then purified; Fourth, drying and preservation of finished products; It can be selectively extracted from plants, including separation and purification; Precipitation separation and concentration; It also varies from material to material. Selective dissolution and precipitation are often used alternately throughout the whole separation process. Many column chromatography separation technologies are often placed at the later stage of purification. Only when the raw materials reach a certain purity can they be crystallized to obtain good results. In a word, no matter what stage or plant extraction technology is used, it must be noted that the molecules of effective ingredients are not damaged during the operation to prevent denaturation and degradation of effective ingredients.


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